Service performance

We are committed to providing high quality services which are value for money. To achieve this it is important that we actively manage our performance.

The Council's vision and priorities are set out in the Annual Report 2015 - 2016 and Corporate Plan 2016 - 2020. The plan highlights our achievements, provides details of our financial resources and sets out our plans for the current year and beyond.

Service plans

Every year service plans are produced by each department which set out what they propose to do, including how our priorities will be achieved.

Corporate Priorities

The Council’s corporate priorities were revised early 2017 and are now known as Corporate outcomes and objectives.  Here you are able to download the Corporate Outcomes and Objectives.

Performance management of services

Data about the performance of services is collected so that we can manage our performance. Quarterly performance reports for the past and present year are available below:

Data quality

To ensure accuracy of data we have developed a Data Quality Policy to support our data quality standards and provide a clear framework for us to apply in practice.