Homelessness - emergency accommodation and advice


Please be advised that between 1st and 19th FEBRUARY the Housing Options Team will not be running any drop in sessions due to our interview rooms not being available because of ongoing building works.  

If you need to provide information and to have it copied our reception team will try to help you with this.

If you need advice we would ask that you contact us by telephone and if necessary an appointment will be made for you to come into the offices at a designated time.

We apologise for this disruption. Drop in sessions will resume again on Tuesday 20th February 2018 at 2.30pm.

Being faced with having nowhere to live can be a daunting and traumatic experience. The help we can offer includes:

  • Advice on rights
  • Advice on Welfare benefits and impact of the welfare reform changes
  • Help negotiating with your landlord
  • Advice on securing accommodation in the private sector
  • Advice on registering on the council's choice based lettings system
  • Provision of emergency accommodation in certain circumstances
  • Advice for 16/17 year old and referrals to relevant organisations

We consider homeless to mean that you have nowhere to stay now or will have to stay within 28 days. We will provide advice to everyone that contacts us but we may not be able to provide emergency accommodation for everyone.

Eligibility for emergency accommodation

We can only assess your application for help if you are eligible for assistance. For example, if you are not entitled to welfare benefits because of your immigration status, we can only provide advice on your situation.

We will consider:

  • Is there anywhere that you are legally entitled to occupy?
  • If there is, can you actually gain entry to it?
  • If your home is a caravan, houseboat or other mobile form of housing, is there anywhere you are entitled to park it and live in it?
  • Would you be at risk of domestic or other violence if you continued to occupy the home?
  • Is there any other strong reason why it would not be reasonable for you to continue to occupy the home?

You are not intentionally homeless if the housing you left was not reasonable to occupy, or you were at risk of violence in the home. You are also not intentionally homeless if you acted in good faith while unaware of a relevant fact.

If your homelessness has resulted from your behaviour, we only have to provide you with temporary accommodation for a short period depending on your circumstances.

If we are satisfied that you are not homeless today, or will not become homeless within the next 28 days, there will be no further duty to assist. This is unless there is a risk of homelessness in the future, in which case we will provide advice and possibly assistance to try and prevent that homelessness occurring.

Contact the housing team

  • Phone the Housing Options Team on 01594 810000
  • Phone the out of hours emergency service 01452 614194
  • Email the Housing team

Housing Options drop in service at the council offices

The Housing options drop in service at the council offices is open at the following times: (Please note that these times may change at short notice depending on cover – please telephone us beforehand on 01594 810000)

  • Monday 10am - 11am
  • Tuesday 2.30pm - 3.30pm
  • Wednesday 2.30pm - 3.30pm
  • Thursday 10am - 11am

To book an appointment please contact the Housing Options Team on:

  • 01594 810000.

The Council offices are open:

  • Monday to Thursday 9am to 4.45pm
  • Friday 9am to 4.30pm