Housing grants & loans

Disabled facilities grants (DFG’s) are available for adaptations to enable people with disabilities to live more independently in their homes. You can apply for a grant if you or a member of your household is registered disabled or could be registered. This type of grant is means tested and you will be asked to provide details of your income/pension, and any savings you may have.

What type of work does the grant cover?

  • Installation of stairlifts/through floor lifts
  • Widening of internal and external doors to provide access into and around the dwelling
  • Ramped/stepped access
  • Overbath/level access showers
  • Specialist kitchens for wheelchair users
  • Improvement to existing heating systems
  • Additional works may be recommended by the Occupational Therapist if they are appropriate and necessary for your needs.

Who can apply for the disabled facilities grant (DFG)

  • Owner occupiers
  • Home owners who have a disabled person living with them
  • Tenants – both private and housing association
  • Landlords can apply on behalf of disabled tenants

Apply for the disabled facilities grant (DFG)

You will need an occupational therapist to assess your needs and make a referral to us. You can arrange for an assessment by contacting Gloucestershire County Councils’ Adult Social Care Helpdesk:

Once we have received a referral we will make an appointment to visit you in your home to carry out a financial means test.

How much do I have to pay?

The disabled person will be asked to provide information on their income and savings. We then calculate how much you have to contribute. Everything above that contribution figure will be paid by the grant. Families needing to adapt their home to care for a disabled child are not subject to means testing. The maximum amount of grant aid available is £30,000.

Disabled facilities grant (DFG) conditions

  • The work must be completed to a satisfactory standard within one year from approval of the grant.
  • The disabled person must intend to remain living in the property for 5 years.
  • In some situations, a local land charge may be applied on DFG’s over £5000