Annual household canvass

Updating the Register of Electors

Annual household canvass

The Electoral Registration Officer of every local authority in the UK is required by law to send a household enquiry form (HEF) to all properties in their area to maintain a complete and accurate register of electors. These forms are sent on an annual basis.
Household Enquiry Forms will be sent to all households in the Forest of Dean during August. It is a legal requirement to respond to this form.

This form lists everyone currently registered to vote at the property, giving you the opportunity to add any new names or remove or amend any out of date information.

This is NOT a voter registration form and we will follow up on any changes you make as necessary.

What you need to do

It's a legal requirement to respond to this form and you need to reply each year as this confirms who is living at your address.

We'll ask you to:

  • Confirm that the details of those living at your address and registered to vote are correct
  • Add anyone new (including anyone aged 16 or 17)
  • Delete anyone no longer in the household

It’s quick and easy to respond. Anyone in the household can respond and details of how to reply are given on the household enquiry form. If possible, please use one of the web, phone or text options as explained on the form.

Complete household response online

You will need your security number and password printed on the HEF.

If you do not respond to this form a reminder will be sent. From October onwards canvassers will be sent to visit households where a form has not been received.
If you haven’t received a household enquiry form by the end of August please contact the office on 01594 812638.

What happens next

We use the information you give us to create a new electoral register each year which we publish in December.
Any new residents added to your form still need to apply to register to vote and we will contact them. Alternatively, the quickest way to apply is online:

Register to Vote – GOV.UK

Once you’ve registered to vote you don’t need to register again unless you change address. You should also inform us if any of your details change such as your name if you marry.

Please note: Not being registered to vote can impact on applications for mortgages or mobile phones, since credit reference agencies use the register to validate applications.

How we handle your data.

For further information relating to the processing of personal data, Please view our privacy notice here



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