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Types of elections

Please see details below of the types of elections that are held in the Forest of Dean:



Next election

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Parliamentary (general) election for Forest of Dean constituency

The Forest of Dean Constituency covers all wards of the Forest of Dean district and the Highnam with Hawbridge ward of Tewkesbury Borough

May 2024
Every 5 years

Current MP is Mark Harper (Conservative)

European Parliamentary elections for the South West region

73 Members of the European Parliament (MEP's) were elected to represent the UK; allocated into 9 regions. Forest of Dean is part of the South West Region, which has 6 MEPs.

Every 5 years

See European parliament website

Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) election Gloucestershire Police area

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) oversee how crime is tackled in a police force area

May 2020

Every 4 years

Martin Surl is the current PCC for Gloucestershire

County Council elections

The Forest of Dean area is split into eight divisions, each division is represented by one County Councillor

May 2021

Every 4 years

To find out details of your local County Councillors please visit: Gloucestershire County Council website

View County Divisions map

District elections for Forest of Dean

There are currently 38 councillors representing 21 wards within the Forest of Dean.

May 2023

Every 4 years

To find information about your Local councillor see:

Councillor information. 

to view ward boundaries please see: Ward Maps 

Parish elections

Within the Forest of Dean area there are 40 parish councils


Every 4 years but casual vacancies if a councillor resigns from office

View: Parish Council details and contacts

Neighbourhood Planning Referendum

Neighbourhood Plans can be prepared by Town or Parish Councils and set out how the community would like land to be used and developed in the area. Once a Neighbourhood Plan has been passed by an independent examiner the Council organise a referendum so the community has the final say on whether a Neighbourhood Plan becomes part of the development plan for the area.

As required

To see any scheduled neighbourhood planning referendums please visit the Upcoming elections page