Senior management & salaries

Senior salary disclosure

The policy for the year 2016/17 is to maintain the level of pay in the same bands as the previous year (with the exception of nationally agreed pay rises) as set out in the table below.

Salary disclosures and responsibilities
Head of Paid Service (1) Spot Salary: £85,873 pa*


  • Statutory Head of Paid Service role
  • Oversee budget, risk and corporate governance
  • Strategic Group Managers
  • Democratic Services Team
  • Elections & Electoral Registration Team
  • Corporate Support Team (including communications)
  • 2020 Partnership Commissioning Group

Number of direct reports: 7

Overall responsibility for all employees c.139 fte** (full time equivalent) excluding casual employees but including employees working in 2020 Partnership Shared Services

Strategic Group Managers (2) Strategic Group Manager Spot Salary £64,000 pa*
Planning, Housing & Regeneration Responsibilities:
  • Development Management and Planning Enforcement
  • Regeneration
  • Forward Plans (inc. Sustainability)
  • Strategic Housing
  • Housing Advice, Homelessness and Private Sector Housing (non regulatory)
  • Cinderford Regeneration
  • Economic Growth

Number of Staff: c.40 fte**

Community, Client & Commercial Services


  • Strategic Client & Contract Management (including 2020 Partnership Shared Services, Leisure and Revenues & Benefits)
  • Community Engagement (including Street Wardens and Healthy Lifestyles team)
  • Commercial Services (including Strategic Tourism, Business Support, Forest Linkline & Cotswold Careline and Pest Control)
  • Strategic client for joint waste partnership

Number of Staff: c.23 fte** (excluding shared services staff)

* National pay award pending

** All employee numbers as at 1 April 2016.

The Council’s total net budget is £10,579,300 and budgetary responsibility is shared between the Head of Paid Service and the Strategic Group Managers.

Bonuses and benefits in kind


  • Casual car user allowance of 45p per mile for business journeys may be claimed
  • One relevant professional membership subscription may be paid

No bonuses are paid.

Pay policy statement

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Senior Management Structure

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