Zoo licence

Licensed zoos can range from traditional urban zoos and safari parks to smaller collections such as specialist butterfly houses and aquaria. The licence is valid for six years.

Apply for a zoo licence

Before you apply for a licence make sure you read the guidance notes.

Apply for a zoo licence

Renew a zoo licence


The fees are:

  • £538 for a new 4 year licence
  • £638 for a 6 year renewal 

Zoo licence application process

We will arrange to carry out a site inspection and consultation before deciding if a licence can be granted.

Any representations from interested parties will be taken into consideration and, if necessary, the application may be reported to our Licensing Committee for determination. In the event that the application is referred to the Licensing Committee, you will be provided with all the necessary papers and invited to attend the meeting in order to present your proposals.


  • 01594 810000