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Taxi passengers

Make sure your taxi or private hire vehicle is safe and legal:

  • A licensed vehicle will display a licence plate on the rear of the vehicle.
  • A licensed driver will wear or display an identity badge with the driver's licence number and licensing authority details.

Staying safe

  • Sit in the back of the vehicle
  • Keep your mobile phone where it is easily accessible
  • If you feel uneasy, make a note of the number plate and driver's licence number and text them to a friend or family member

To report any concerns

Contact the licensing team:

The different sorts of taxis explained

There are two types of vehicle which carry fare paying passengers - Hackney Carriages (Taxis) and Private Hire Vehicles, both of which must be licensed.

Taxi type

Hackney carriages

Private hire vehicles


Can be found on taxi ranks. Booking not required.

Must be booked in advance.

Do not use a vehicle if you feel unsafe or the vehicle is in a state of disrepair.





Set fare scales displayed in the vehicle. The precise fare is calculated by a meter.

Fare should be agreed before journey begins.


Yes - fitted in the vehicle.


Licence colour