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Cardiac, respiratory & cancer rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation

The cardiac rehabilitation community based exercise programme (phase 4) offers a safe and friendly environment for exercise if you have:

  • Had a heart attack
  • Heart procedure
  • Heart surgery

All activities in the programme will be supervised by a qualified fitness professional.

Those joining phase 4 of the scheme have normally recently completed NHS rehabilitation classes (phase 3), but this is not essential.

Respiratory rehabilitation

Respiratory rehabilitation classes in the Forest of Dean provide an opportunity for those living with a lung condition to exercise safely, under the guidance of a qualified instructor. You will require a referral from your GP, Nurse or Physiotherapist for these classes.

Exercise can help you to reduce breathlessness and tiredness, increase your ability to perform daily tasks and improve self-esteem, anxiety and mood.

Cancer rehabilitation

Working with a specialist exercise instructor we can provide individual specific support and exercise options to improve overall wellbeing.  Aimed at those who have completed a period of treatment and are looking to regain strength and stamina.

Getting a referral

If you would like to try an exercise class for cardiac, respiratory or cancer rehabilitation: