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Door-to-Door Callers

We have received reports since Monday 27 January that there are cold callers operating in the area, and some have been making residents feel uneasy. One of the reports appears to describe a well known scam, however many of the other reports are describing legitimate callers. 

Severn Wye Energy Agency have a contract with CityEnergy to deliver the Warm and Well Scheme, which is supported by the council. This morning a phone call was placed to CityEnergy to establish whether these callers were related to their work. It appears the first report referenced was a legitimate concern, however there are CityEnergy employees working in the area. They are safe, fully DBS checked and are doing their best to reach those who may benefit from the scheme. 

One has received multiple complaints and has been spoken to and moved from the Forest of Dean area job. CityEnergy employees will never represent themselves as council employees, though their flyers will reference FODDC and Severn Wye Energy Agency.

Their IDs should be on display and their uniform is black with bright pink CityEnergy logos, which should also be on display at all times. There will be a phone number on the ID to call and authenticate. Callers should not introduce themselves as Forest of Dean District Council employees, or that they are working for the council.

The area manager at CityEnergy has promised to send activity reports and photographs of staff in the area to the council staff in future to ensure that minds can be put at rest and the legitimate callers be sorted from those causing concern.

Warm and Well is managed by Severn Wye Energy Agency for the six Local Authorities in Gloucester. The Ecoflex scheme under Warm and Well is available to private tenants and home owners and:

  • aims to reduce fuel poverty and associated health problems and improve energy efficiency in the home
  • offers grants for insulation, boilers and heating
  • offers the Renewable Energy Incentive which include health issues related to damp and cold
  • offers advice on reducing debt and increasing income

To find out if you are eligible, please:

  • Phone an advisor Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm on 0800 5003076


  • 01594 810000