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Alvington neighbourhood plan


A referendum will take place in Alvington Parish on Thursday 6th May 2021 relating to the adoption of the Alvington Neighbourhood Plan.

The Question that will be asked in the referendum is

“Do you want Forest of Dean District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Alvington to help it decide planning applications in the Neighbourhood Area.”

For further information on the referendum

Referendum documents

Examiners report

The Examiner's Report on the Alvington Neighbourhood Development Plan was received on 17 April 2020. The independent examiner’s report concluded that, subject to making the modifications recommended, the plan met the basic conditions set out in the legislation and should proceed to a neighbourhood planning referendum.

The Examiner’s report was considered at the meeting of the Full Council on 16 July 2020, it was agreed to make the modifications to the draft plan to ensure that it met the basic conditions set out in legislation and that the NDP could proceed to referendum.

The local planning authority has issued a decision statement detailing its intention to send the neighbourhood plan to referendum. The referendum in line with relevant regulations is postponed until after 6 May 2021, however under the latest Neighbourhood planning guidance the NDP will be given significant weight in decision-making, so far as the plan is material to the application.

Publication of New Policy NE3 Important Open Areas (IOA) and Local Green Spaces (LGS)

During the examination of the Alvington NDP the Examiner requested further clarification on a number of  matters within the NDP. The clarification note requested further information regarding the policy approach to the designation of local green spaces. Alvington Parish Council have considered the comments and have submitted a revised policy NE3: Important open areas (IOA) and Local Green Spaces LGS. It is the new policy NE3 and the accompanying text only that is the subject of a revised consultation. The consultation ran for four weeks from 19 February 2020 to Wednesday 18 March 2020. 

Submission for examination

The neighbourhood plan and all representations received during the publication consultation were submitted to the examiner on 16 December 2019

Clarification note

The examiner carried out an unaccompanied site visit to the Neighbourhood Plan Area. Following this visit, plus his initial reading of the plan and representations received, the examiner forwarded a clarification note. The note sets out the examiners initial comments on the submitted plan. It also sets out areas where it would be helpful to have some further clarification. 

Publication of the neighbourhood plan

Alvington Parish Council submitted their neighbourhood development plan to the Council on 18 September 2019. We held a public consultation from 23 October to Wednesday 4 December 2019 during which we invited comments on the plan and its supporting documents. 

Neighbourhood area designation

Alvington was designated as a Neighbourhood Area, in line with the details of the application on the 12 May 2016.

 Appendices to the neighbourhood plan