Clinical waste

Arrangements can be made for residents that require a collection of clinical waste. If the clinical waste is infectious, for example waste products from home administered haemodialysis, a special collection arrangement will be made to collect the waste in accordance with the quantity produced or the demand. The resident or the hospital department should contact the council to organise the collections.

Residents who have waste classed  as 'offensive' clinical waste (such as peritoneal dialysis waste, incontinence pads, stoma bags, nappies) can dispose of these materials within normal household refuse bins. This waste should be placed inside two bags (double bagged). If additional bins are required these will be provided under the additional bin criteria.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste such as syringes, diabetic needles and lancets pose a significant health risk and need to be disposed of safely.

To report an incident call our street warden team immediately on 01594 810000.

It is strongly advised that you do not attempt to pick up the syringe yourself.

Do not place diabetic needles, syringes or lancets in any general refuse sacks or bins - you may not only be risking your own health but that of the operatives that pick up the waste.

Using a special sharps box is the safest way to dispose of hypodermic needles.  These are available on prescription from your local GP surgery or can be purchased directly from the pharmacy at a small cost.  Once full, boxes must be returned sealed to either your local surgery or to one of the pharmacies in Gloucestershire participating in the take back scheme. 

Below is a list of pharmacies which are currently included in the syringe 'take back' scheme in the Forest of Dean:

  • Badhams Pharmacy, Newnham (High Street)
  • Boots Pharmacy, Cinderford (Market Street)
  • Co-op Pharmacy, Lydney (Newerne Street)
  • Co-op Pharmacy, Cinderford (Dockham Road)
  • Day Lewis Pharmacy, Newent (Broad Street)
  • Day Lewis Pharmacy, Coleford (Park Road)
  • Day Lewis Pharmacy, Coleford (Pyart Court)
  • Day Lewis Pharmacy, Sedbury (Beachley Road)
  • Drybrook Pharmacy, Drybrook (Drybrook Road)
  • Lloyds Pharmacy, Lydney (Newerne Street)
  • Lloyds Pharmacy, Coleford (Pyart Court)
  • Mitcheldean Pharmacy (Churchill Way)

See a full list of Gloucestershire pharmacies offering the 'take back' service.

Sharps and sharp boxes must not be disposed of in the general household rubbish.  Nor can clinical waste be taken to the Household Recycling Centre.

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