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Disruption to waste and recycling services

General information in the event of disruption

Waste & Recycling Collections

In the event of snow and ice disrupting waste and recycling collection services the following guidelines will usually apply:

Type of collection due

Action to take

Refuse collection (in the event of a missed collection you will be permitted to put out extra waste in refuse sacks). 

Present waste at the kerbside by 7.30am on your normal scheduled collection day and leave it out for up to a week.  If we are unable to return during this time, please take the black bin back in and present on your next scheduled collection.  

Recycling collection (blue bag, green boxes and food waste caddy). 

Present recycling at the kerbside by 7.30am on your normal scheduled collection day.  If your collection is not made on the day it is due, please leave your containers out for a further two working days (note: during periods of disruption Saturday will be classed as a working day).  If we are unable to return please present your recycling on your next scheduled collection day.  When collections restart and to allow us to complete the rounds for that day, please do not leave out extra recycling as crews will be unable to take it. 

Garden waste collection. Please be aware that this service may be suspended so that the vehicles can be used to collect any outstanding refuse (as per the terms and conditions of the garden waste licence detailed at time of purchase).

Present garden waste at the kerbside by 7.30am on your normal scheduled collection day.  If the bin is not emptied on this day, take the wheeled bin back in and present it on the next scheduled collection day.  If you miss a garden waste collection due to snow you may put out additional garden waste (in sacks) on your next collection day.

General information in the event of disruption

Updates will be available on:

  • the Council's Facebook page and Twitter feed
  • the waste and recycling automated telephone line (01594) 812666  

We will also inform local radio stations if the decision to suspend waste collections is made.

We will try to maintain services as long as it is safe to do so, we assess conditions and take into account: 

  • health and safety of the crews and the public,
  • being able to manoeuvre vehicles safely, 
  • the accessibility of the depot, disposal sites and properties due for collection each day, and;
  • the weather forecast. 

If collections are missed, a catch up plan (see above) will be put in place so that crews will return as soon as conditions improve. The crews will work late and on Saturdays to implement the catch up plan, as required and if the current weather conditions allow.  We cannot make collections on Sundays due to the licensing hours of the disposal sites so the vehicles are unable to tip on this day.

Missed refuse collections will be given priority.  This may mean that the garden waste service is temporarily suspended to assist with this (as per the terms and conditions of the garden waste licence).


  • 01594 810000