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Garden waste recycling

Garden waste is collected fortnightly (usually alternating with household rubbish) and must be presented in the council-issue green wheeled bin.  Your bin must be presented at the kerbside by 7.30am on the morning of your schedule collection and displaying a valid garden waste licence.

The garden waste collection service currently costs £39 per bin per year. 

You can apply for your garden waste licence at any time but please note:

  • Licences run from 1 April up to 31 March the following year, regardless of when the licence has been purchased.
  • We are unable to offer a refund if you wish to opt-out of the service part way through the year.
  • Licences normally arrive within 10-14 days of payment.
  • The service is normally suspended over Christmas and New Year.
  • Attach your licence to your bin using the cable tie provided as this shows he crew you have paid to receive this service.

Pay for a garden waste licence

Garden waste bins

If you are new to the service and require a garden waste bin please call 01594 810000. You cannot order a bin using the online payment option.

During busy times, bins may take up to 4 weeks to be delivered so please bear this in mind if you need to order one. 

What can go in your garden waste bin

Yes please:

  • Lawn cuttings
  • Tree and hedge prunings
  • Garden plants and weeds
  • Leaves, twigs and bark
  • Small amounts of herbivore pet (e.g. rabbit or hamster) bedding
  • Small amounts of windfall fruit (too much may make the bin too heavy to empty)

We also provide a collection service for Christmas trees from the kerbside.  This service is available to all households in the district and usually operates during the first fortnight in January.

No thanks:

  • Bagged garden waste (please put garden waste loose inside your bin)
  • Compost bags/plant pots
  • Noxious weeds such as Japanese Knotweed or Ragwort
  • Dog/cat waste
  • Food waste (raw or cooked)
  • Large trunks
  • Soil, rubble and stones
  • Cardboard or paper

Missed collections

If your garden waste is not collected please call our team on 01594 810000.  Please report missed collections to us by 3.00pm the following day (or Monday if your collection was due on the preceding Friday) and we will endeavour to return to your property and pick up the missed waste as soon as possible.  In such circumstances, please leave your green wheeled bin out at the kerbside so that we are able to collect it.

In the event of adverse weather disrupting services please ring 01594 812666 (recorded message) or visit our website for up to date information about your collections.