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Reuse & reduce your waste

Reusing and reducing our waste not only helps slow down how quickly landfill sites will fill up but also helps the environment by minimising the amount of biodegradable material going to landfill.  If buried biodegradable material will produce methane, a very damaging climate change gas. The Government continues to increase the tax paid on refuse going to landfill so there are also considerable cost implications too.


Give your unwanted items a new home! Reusing materials helps to extend a products life and reduces the need to make new items saving valuable resources:

  • Charity shops are happy to accept a range of items including clothes, shoes, books and children’s toys
  • There are a number of reuse networks, voluntary and community groups throughout Gloucestershire who may be happy to take your unwanted items

Waste reduction


Reducing the amount of packaging we buy is one positive step we can all make.  Make sure you understand what the labelling on the packaging means.  For more information:

If you find a specific product that you feel is overly packaged this can be reported to:

who will investigate serious complaints on your behalf. 

Food waste

We support the national Love Food Hate Waste campaign to help prevent food from going to waste. For lots of recipe ideas, hints and tips please visit the:

Junk mail

Reduce the amount of junk mail you receive by registering with the Mailing Preference Service. This service arranges for your details to be taken off the mailing lists of companies sending unsolicited mail. To register for this free service please:

Cancelling your telephone directory home delivery

If you prefer to look online for information you can cancel home deliveries of some telephone directories:

To cancel Yellow Pages

  • call Freephone 0800 671 444

To cancel the Thomsons Local Directory

Real nappies

Reusable cloth nappies (‘real nappies’) are a great alternative to disposable nappies and come in a fantastic range of colours and designs.  They are really easy to use and should save you money.  Residents in Gloucestershire can also qualify for a £30 voucher off the price of real nappies or off a nappy starter pack. For more information visit:

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