Appeal a benefits decision

When we receive your completed application we will calculate your benefits and send you a decision letter. If you disagree with our decision you can:

Ask for further explanation

Within one calendar month of receiving the decision letter:

  • you can ask for an explanation of how the decision was made. This request can either be made in writing or by calling the benefits team.

After a month:

  • we will explain the decision to you but we may not be able to look at the decision again if you then think that it is wrong.

Ask us to reconsider

After receiving more information about the decision if you are still unhappy you can ask for your application to be reconsidered within a month. This request can either be made in writing or by calling the benefits team.

Your application will be reviewed by another officer who will check that it was correctly assessed and make any necessary changes.

If you receive a new decision notice and you still disagree you will need to begin the disputing process again by asking for further explanation.

Appeal a housing benefit decision

If you think our decision is wrong you can ask us to pass your case to an independent appeal tribunal.

To do this you need to make an appeal in writing; Benefits Appeal form need FOD one

  • you will need to state why you disagree with the decision and give any relevant evidence

The tribunal will make a decision about your entitlement. This decision must be honoured by us and you.

For more information about questioning a benefits decision, please:

Appeal a council tax support decision

If you disagree with our decision you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal Service within one calendar month of our letter. To contact them please:

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