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Who has priority in receiving help with housing?

We assess the vulnerability of people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. By law, the following people have a priority need for housing:

  • Someone who is pregnant, or who lives with a woman who is pregnant
  • Someone with dependent children living with them, or if not currently living with them who it would be reasonable to expect to live with them
  • Someone who is homeless because of an emergency such as a fire or a flood
  • Someone who is vulnerable because of old age, illness, mental illness or disability or physical disability or any other special reason Someone who is vulnerable because of an institutional background in council care, the armed forces or in custody
  • Someone who is vulnerable because they are homeless due to violence

These priorities guide our assessment of who receives help with their housing situation.

If you do not have a local connection with the Forest of Dean District but do have a connection with another authority, we will normally make a referral to that authority to provide housing, unless you would be at risk of domestic or other violence in that area. You will have a local connection if:

  • You are normally resident in the district
  • You work here
  • You have immediate family in the District who have lived here for at least five years
  • There are any other particularly strong reasons that give you a connection with the area