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Listed buildings

There are 1,563 Listed Buildings in the District protected for their architectural or historic value.

Categories of Listed Building:

  • Grade-I (Buildings of exceptional, national interest: 43 in the District, including St Briavels Castle, Flaxley Abbey, Severn Bridge and 23 churches)
  • Grade-II* (Buildings of outstanding interest – nearer to Grade-I than Grade-II: 65 in the District, including fine examples of former country houses, churches, agricultural barns and industrial buildings)
  • Grade-II (Buildings of special interest: 1472 in the District, including a number of chartist cottages listed for both their historical and sociology interest)

Listing description

For a listing description, search the Historic England database

Important: Please do not carry out any works to a listed building or works within a conservation area based on information found on these pages alone. These methods of searching can fail if, for example, the current property name does not correspond with that given in the List entry. Always contact us first.

What are the implications of Listed Building status?

Listing protects both the character and fabric of the Listed Building, and applies to the whole of the Listed Building inside and out, including later extensions. It can also apply to attached walls, and structures such as outbuildings whether attached to the main building or not.

If you are unsure whether a building or adjoining or nearby fabric or structures will be treated as Listed for planning purposes, please contact us.

Buildings at risk 

A building at risk is a statutorily listed building (or scheduled ancient monument) whose architectural and historic significance means that its loss would be locally, and sometimes nationally, detrimental. A building at risk is defined as one which, for whatever reason, is neglected. There are currently 17 buildings or scheduled monuments in the Forest of Dean identified as being at risk and the document below is an interim evaluation of the previous Buildings at Risk register. We plan to do a full review in 2020, which will involve engagement with the Parish Councils and is likely to broaden the scope of buildings and structures to be evaluated and included in the register. Please: