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Commenting on a planning application

Anyone can comment on a planning application. The easiest and quickest way is to:

Your comment will be published online with any others we have received. The Case Officer will be informed of your comment and please contact them if your comment doesn't appear online.

If you would like to write to us, please include the following information in your comment:

  • Date
  • Your name and address
  • Application number
  • Site address

Please make sure that your comment arrives before the deadline which is on the notification letter, site notice or newspaper advertisement about the planning application.

Send your comment to:

Once received, it will be scanned and published online. Your signature and telephone numbers will be removed before publishing.

Planning considerations for applications

We can only take into account material planning considerations when deciding applications.

We can take into account: We cannot take into account:

Overlooking and loss of privacy

Loss of value to a property

Overshadowing and loss of light

Loss of private views

Car parking

Personal disagreements

Traffic generation

Boundary disputes

Scale of development


Conservation of buildings

Commercial competition

Noise and disturbance

Construction disturbance

Character of the area

Design, appearance and layout


If many people share your view, you may wish to organise a petition. A petition should state the names, addresses and the objections or supporting comments of those signing it.

Using your comments

Please be aware that:

  • Your comments are public and members of the public will be able to inspect and copy your comments by visiting our offices or viewing them on our website.
  • The application is decided by planning officers or the planning committee. They judge it against published planning policies and take into account all comment received.

Speak at a planning committee meeting

We encourage public speaking at planning committee meetings. However, you must have:

  • commented in writing on the application during the consultation period and
  • registered to speak by midday on the Monday before the meeting.

For further details see our: