Planning appeals

Appeals against the council's planning decisions are made to the Planning Inspectorate. The Secretary of State appoints the planning inspectors who determine the appeals.

Only the person who applied for planning permission, or who was served with an enforcement notice (known as the appellant) has a legal right to appeal. There is no right of appeal for third parties to the Inspectorate or others unhappy with the decision.

You can appeal against:

  • the refusal of an application
  • a planning condition you believe is unjustified
  • an application which was not decided within the statutory period unless an extension of time has been agreed.
  • an enforcement notice

How to make a planning appeal

Information about how to make a planning appeal is available from the Planning Inspectorate via the GOV.UK website:

Time limits to appeal

  • Householder appeals: 12 weeks from the date of the Council's decision.
  • All other appeals: 6 months from the date of the Council's decision (or before the date an enforcement notice comes into effect).#

View planning appeals and decisions

You can track certain kinds of planning appeal online, please: 

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