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June 2018 - The Council received the Inspectors Final Report on 20th June 2018.

The Inspector has concluded that the Allocations Plan is both sound and legally compliant, subject to the implementation of the Main Modifications he has recommended. The Inspectors Report and the list of Main Modifications can be viewed via the link below:

Inspectors Final Report 20th June 2018

Inspectors recommended list of Main Modifications 20th June 2018

March 2018 - Inspector's Report anticipated April/May 2018 but confirmation of the expected submission date will be published here when available.

January 2018 - Responses sent to Inspector

Following the close of the Main Modifications consultation (18 December 2017), all duly made representations and the Council's responses have been sent to the Inspector for his consideration. A summary of these has been published as follows:  

ED087 FoDDC response to representations received to Main Modifications consultation ended Dec 2017 (16.01.18)

The next stage in the process will be for the Inspector to prepare a report to the Council.  All representors will be notified of the ongoing examination process.

October 2017 - Main Modifications Consultation (23 October to 18 December 2017)

Documents relating to the Main Modifications proposed to the Allocations Plan and how to submit comments can be found under Latest News section of the Council's main Allocations Plan webpage

September 2017 - Preparation of main modifications

Following the conclusion of the July Hearings, the Council prepared a draft schedule of potential Main Modifications, a corrected version of which was forwarded to the Inspector on 18 August. This was provided for the Inspector’s consideration and the Inspector responded to the draft schedule in a letter dated 4 September outlining some concerns and recommending changes which addressed them. The Council is now preparing a revised schedule for the Inspector’s consideration, which it is hoped can be finalised in time for presentation to a meeting of the Council  on 19 October 2017.  Subject to approval, the proposed Main Modifications would then be published for public consultation.

Inspector's letter to Council re Main Modifications

ED083 Inspector's letter to FoDDC re FC consultation, hearings & MMs (4.9.17)

July 2017 - next steps

The Hearings into the Council’s proposed Further Changes were concluded on 14 July.  In the light of the submissions on the Further Changes, both in writing and at the Hearings, the Council and the Inspector will be considering the scope for potential Main Modifications necessary to make the Plan sound. Any such Modifications would be subject to a further period of formal public consultation.

May 2017 - Notice of additional hearing sessions

Additional examination hearing sessions for the Allocations Plan Further Changes will commence at 10.00am on Wednesday 12th July 2017 until Friday 14th July 2017 at the Council Offices, High Street, Coleford, Gloucestershire GL16 8HG.

Details of the Inspector’s draft additional hearings programme & timetable, together with all other relevant information and documents are available via the Examination website.  The hearings are open to the public to observe, but participation is by invitation only.

Next steps: Following the close of the Further Changes Hearings, the Main Modifications can be finalised, which will also require a final formal consultation.  All representors will be notified of the ongoing examination process.

ED073 Notice of Additional Examination Hearing Sessions (FoDDC, May 2017) 

ED074 Additional Hearings Programme & Timetable (REVISED 29 June 2017)

ED075 Inspector's Agendas for Further Changes Hearing Sessions 13 to 17 (REVISED 19.05.17)

March 2017

The Council’s consultation on the Allocations Plan Further Changes (ED069a) (including housing requirement review, proposed new allocations and revised Canal policy) closed on 13 February 2017. Representations received to the FODDC Allocations Plan Further Changes consultation and the Council's responses are available via the Council’s  Allocations Plan Further Changes webpage, or examination document ED070:

November 2016

Further to the Inspector’s consideration of the Council’s response to the Inspector’s Interim Findings (ED041), the Inspector outlined the need for the Council to review and undertake a focussed public consultation on housing requirement, the proposed new allocations, and on the revised Canal policy before final proposed Main Modifications can be settled.  Once the Inspector and Council have agreed the revised housing requirement and consultation material, these Further Changes will be subject to public consultation for a minimum period of 8 weeks (anticipated to commence mid/late Dec 2016). The relevant correspondence and documents regarding the Further Changes can be found on the Examination Documents webpage (ED050-ED069). 

February 2016

The programmed hearings sessions of the Examination have concluded and no further evidence will be accepted unless specifically requested by the Inspector.  The Examination will remain technically open until the Inspector has submitted his final report to the Council. 

Information on the programmed hearings including a note of participants and related documents, i.e. the Council's and Participants' further statements together with the Inspector's Agendas for hearing sessions 1 to 11, can be viewed via the Hearings Timetable webpage by clicking on the link to the relevant session. Links to the further statements are in the table of participants next to their name.  Alternatively these and all other examination documents can be accessed via the Examination Documents webpage.

Link to Allocations Plan webpage


The Forest of Dean Allocations Plan (the 'Plan') was submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination by a Planning Inspector on 28 August 2015. The Secretary of State has appointed Planning Inspector Brendan Lyons BArch MA MRTPI IHBC to conduct the independent Examination to assess the soundness of the Plan. Following completion of the Examination, the Inspector will issue a Report for the Council giving recommendations for action, which may include modifications to the Plan necessary to make it sound, as requested by the Council.

Programme Officer 

The Examination process will be administered by the Programme Officer, Tracey Smith who is independent of the Council and will work under the direction of the Inspector.  All communications / enquiries regarding the Examination (including correspondence for the Inspector) should be addressed to the Programme Officer using the following contact details:

Contact Details

Venue for Hearing Sessions

Committee Rooms, Forest of Dean District Council, High Street, Coleford, GL16 8HG. Find us on google maps

Examination process

The Hearing Sessions of the Examination will usually commence 10-14 weeks after an Inspector has been appointed and may last up to 4-5 weeks with one or two breaks. A Pre-Hearing Meeting (PHM) may be held approximately 8 weeks after submission if the Inspector considers it necessary and may include discussion on any issues identified as requiring further investigation during the Examination. The content and merits of the Plan and the representations will not be discussed at the PHM. The Inspector may call an Exploratory Meeting shortly after submission if he or she has issues requiring further investigation before proceeding with the Examination.

Draft examination timetable

Submission of Plan to Secretary of State
28 August 2015
Hearing Sessions commence
26 January 2016
Inspector's Report anticipated
April/May 2018

After the Hearings have been formally closed, the Examination remains open until the Inspector's Final Report is submitted to the Council. 

Examination Library

The Examination Library comprises:
  • Core Documents – Documents and guidance prepared and/or referred to in relation to the Plan (including the Council's evidence base and submission documents).
  • Examination Documents – Documents and correspondence prepared and/or submitted in relation to the Examination.
  • Hearing Sessions – Hearings timetable, agendas, further statements prepared by participants, matters arising and associated documents.