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Local Plan 2005

The plan contains a comprehensive list of policies relating to all aspects of social and economic development and environmental protection in the district.

Following the adoption of the Core Strategy and the Cinderford Northern Quarter Area Action Plan in February 2012, much of the 2005 Local Plan has been superseded and is no longer part of the Development Plan.

Proposals maps

A mapped summary of the policies that are now in use can be found on the proposals map:

2005 Local Plan policies still in use ‘saved policies’

The remaining site specific policies and allocations which are held over from the 2005 Local Plan are expected to be replaced by the Site Allocations Development Plan Document currently under examination.

Those policies which still remain or can be found in Appendix A (page 100) of the Forest of Dean District Adopted Core Strategy.

The Core Strategy, Cinderford Northern Quarter AAP and saved policies will provide the basis for local planning decisions until the saved policies are replaced by the Allocations Plan.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was published in March 2012 and makes provisions for the continued use of the adopted Local Plan for decision making in the district. Due weight may be given to the saved policies in the Local Plan according to their degree of consistency with the NPPF.

The text and maps relating to adopted Local Plan 2005 policies can be downloaded by using the links below.

Local Plan 2005

The Local Plan can also be viewed at the Council Offices or public libraries in the District.