Lydney Docks & Harbour

Lydney Coastal Community Team

By working together in partnership the District Council, Lydney Town Council and Environment Agency secured £10,000 from the Government to establish a Coastal Community Team.

Lydney has joined 115 other Coastal Community Teams in the UK and will be seeking to increase the tourism and recreational potential of Lydney Harbour.

The team is a multi-partnership group with membership representing interests at the local, district and county level.  The team operates through a two tier structure consisting of an Executive Group and a Stakeholder Group.  The Executive Group is the decision making body, with the Stakeholder Group being an advisory informal partnership.  The Environment Agency chair both groups. 

Both the Executive Group and Stakeholder Group meet on a quarterly basis.

Economic Plan

The team have also endorsed an Economic Plan to guide the team’s activity. The team’s ambition is to see a range of improvements to the docks and harbour in order to drive growth, improve the experience for users of the harbour, whether on foot or afloat and increase jobs and prosperity in the town.

Economic Plan Update 2017

Swing Bridge Refurbishment

The team successfully applied for £50,000 to support access improvements at the docks and harbour. The team’s first project has been to refurbish the historic swing bridge.

Local firm Mabey Bridge completed the restoration works which saw the bridge back into full working order in May 2017.

Lydney Swing Bridge Before Lydney Swing Bridge Removal Lydney Swing Bridge Lifting CraneCompleted swing bridge Completed swing bridge

Coastal Community Fund Bid

The Coastal Community Team recently submitted a bid to the Coastal Community Fund for £2.1m to improve the harbour and its access.

The project aim is to attract increased visitor numbers to discover the hidden gem of Lydney Harbour and Docks, through improvement to the public realm, facilities, access and a programme for the phased dredging of the canal.

The bid includes the following:

  • Highway Improvements, to include re-surfacing, a new footpath and lighting.
  • Building Refurbishment for the creation of an interactive heritage information point, new toilet facilities and a new education/community building.
  • Phased dredging of the canal
  • Creation of a shared cycle and pedestrian track
  • Landscape and Environmental Improvements, to include new lighting, signage, boundary treatments and planting.

The plans and information below was available to view at Lydney Library and the District Council offices from mid December - beginning February. 

Lydney Eyes Right Project - Landscape and Environmental Strategy

Lydney Eyes Right Project - Highway Improvements

Lydney Eyes Right Project - Heritage Information Point, Community Space and Toilet Facilities

Unfortunately the bid was unsuccessful, however the team are currently applying to other funding sources to help deliver the project.

The Coastal Communities Fund Round 5 was announced in February 2018, the team's intention is to refresh project bid and submit an application.

Building Refurbishment and Pop Up Café

The Coastal Community Team recently submitted a planning application for the conversion of two of the existing harbour buildings to house a heritage information point, toilet facilities and the construction of a temporary café and hardstanding square area.

At the planning meeting held on Tuesday 13 February 2018 the committee approved the planning application to provide the facilities.

To view the approved plans visit the ‘Planning applications’ section of the Council’s website and type reference P1648/17/FUL in the search field.

The team will shortly be submitting a funding application to the Rural Development Programme for England Growth Programme.  If successful the funding will be used to carry out the building refurbishment work.

Lydney Recreation Study

In response to development proposals (Planning Allocations & Planning Applications), working with the Lydney Coastal Communities Team, the Forest of Dean District Council commissioned a recreation study to assess the potential for adverse effects from increased recreational activity in Lydney area on the Severn Estuary European Designated Site:

 The study is divided into parts:

  1. A Bird Report  evaluating bird usage of the new grounds area in relation to the Severn Estuary designated site and;
  2. A Recreation Survey and strategy as to currently and future levels of disturbance together with mitigation options.

The Coastal Communities team and other stakeholders will be setting out a programme for next steps during Summer/Autumn 2017.

Lydney Harbour Area Recreation Study

Lydney New Grounds Bird Report May 2017