Allocations Plan

Together with the Core Strategy and the Cinderford Northern Quarter Area Action Plan (CNQAAP) the Allocations Plan will form the new Local Plan for the Forest of Dean and guide future planning applications. It will replace the remaining parts of the old style 2005 Local Plan Review.

The role of the Allocations Plan is to:

  • Provide detail of how and where policies in the Core Strategy will be implemented
  • Detail allocations for development
  • Detail protective designations
  • Detail revised defined settlement boundaries.

It will sit within the context of the Core Strategy and has to be in conformity with it.

Latest news

September 2017 - Inspector's letter to Council re main modifications

Next steps

Following the conclusion of the July Hearings, the Council prepared a draft schedule of potential Main Modifications, a corrected version of which was forwarded to the Inspector on 18 August. This was provided for the Inspector’s consideration and the Inspector responded to the draft schedule in a letter dated 4 September outlining some concerns and recommending changes which addressed them. The Council is now preparing a revised schedule for the Inspector’s consideration, which it is hoped can be finalised in time for presentation to a meeting of the Council  on 19 October 2017.  Subject to approval, the proposed Main Modifications would then be published for public consultation.


Allocations Plan examination

The ‘Allocations Plan Submission Draft August 2015’ and associated documentation was submitted to the Secretary of State on 28 August 2015. The plan is currently being examined by an independent planning inspector to determine whether the document is sound.

An independent Programme Officer will liaise between the inspector, the Council and respondents. For all matters relating to the examination:

To view documentation relating to the examination (such as programmes, matters and statements) see:

Additional hearing sessions

Additional examination hearing sessions for the Allocations Plan Further Changes were held between 12th July 2017 until Friday 14th July 2017. 

Further details are available on the Examination webpages.  

Further Changes December 2016

Following the examination hearings for the Allocations Plan in January and February 2016, and the Inspector's Interim Findings, further modifications are required to the Plan. These are in addition to those discussed at the hearings. The Inspector outlined the need for the Council to review and undertake a focussed public consultation on housing requirement, the proposed new allocations, and on the revised Canal policy before final proposed Main Modifications can be settled.

The Allocations Plan Further Changes (December 2016) consultation was open between Monday 19 December 2016 and Monday 13 February 2017. Comments only refer to the Further Changes December 2016.  The comments received and draft officer response can be viewed on the consultation webpage.

For more information see:

Interim report June 2016

The hearings were concluded in February 2016, view the:

The Council will now consider the modifications necessary to the Allocations Plan in light of the Inspectors Interim Report. Any modifications proposed of significance (main modifications) will require a formal consultation. Following the close of any consultation, responses will be forwarded to the inspector for his consideration before deciding whether any further information, hearings or revisions are required.

Examination Hearing Sessions

The examination hearing sessions for the Allocations Plan commenced on 26 January 2016 and concluded 11 February 2016. For further information see:

The Notice of Allocations Plan Examination Hearing may be viewed below

Submission documents

Sustainability Appraisal

Statement of Consultation

Representations received

Representations received to the Publication Version may be viewed:

Statement of Fact

Supporting documents

The Allocations Plan and supporting documents may also be viewed at

  • The Forest of Dean Council Offices in Coleford Monday to Thursday 9am to 4.45pm and Friday 9am to 4.30pm
  • all local libraries including Gloucester and Chepstow during their opening hours.