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Allowances for parish and town councillors

Under Government Regulations made in 2003, the District Council's Independent Remuneration Panel also sits as a Parish Remuneration Panel (PRP). The Regulations allow town and parish councils to pay their members a Parish Basic Allowance and Travel and Subsistence Allowances. The basic allowance can be paid to the Chairman of the town or parish council only or to all elected members. If it is payable to all members, the amount for the Chairman may be greater than for the other members of the Council.

Town and parish councils are not under any obligation to consider the question of allowances for their elected members, nor are recommendations from the PRP binding. However, local councils are obliged to consider the PRP's recommendations before adopting an allowances scheme.

Please note that the mileage rate for travel should be set at the same as that set for members of the District Council. This is the rate set by Inland Revenue as being "not for profit" and is currently 45p per mile for all classes of vehicle; and (ii) any subsistence allowances being the same as for district council members. For further information see:

Any town or parish council which introduces an allowances scheme following consideration of the PRP's report has to give public notice in the parish, and any scheme is available for inspection or purchase from the town or parish council concerned. Town and parish councils are also required to make available details of allowances paid to councillors following the end of each financial year.

For information about a specific town or parish council:

Contact local parish or town clerk