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Annual household canvass

The annual canvass is a legal requirement designed to maintain the accuracy of the electoral register. Each year we check that the right people are registered to vote at all residential properties in the District.

Starting in August, we will be sending an email or letter to every household, asking residents to check if their information is correct, or update us if there are any changes, even if you have recently registered to vote.

How will I receive the request?

You may receive an email initially and you will need to respond to this by following the link and providing your two security codes, which will be detailed in the body of the email – and your postcode. If you don’t respond to this email a reminder will be sent to you.

Emails will be sent by our Electoral Services team from the email address with the subject: ‘Annual Canvass - Update your household information.’

If we do not hold an email address for the household, or if we’re not sure the information we have about your household is correct, you will receive the request through the post.

Responding to the annual canvass

If you receive an email, we need you to either confirm that the information for your property is correct, or make any changes. The email will direct you to the household response website where you can confirm the electoral register details for your property. The email will provide two security codes that you must provide when signing in, along with your post code. Please respond to save us having to send any follow-up paper correspondence.

If you receive a cream-coloured canvass letter by post, you are legally required to respond even if the information we hold on the electoral register is correct. If we don’t receive a response by 18 September, door-to-door or telephone canvass will follow.

If you receive a canvass letter printed on white paper, you do not need to respond if all the information is correct and includes everyone eligible to register to vote at the address. However, you must respond if any of the information is wrong/incomplete. We will not need to pursue you if we have sent you a white canvass letter.

If you haven’t received anything from us by the end of September please contact us.

How can I respond?

Whether you have received the email or a request through the post, the quickest and easiest way to respond is online.

How do I use the online system?

  • Go to the household response website
  • Enter your unique 2 part security code from your email or letter
  • Check that the information for your property is correct
  • Confirm your details, or make any changes, and press 'Confirm'

I don't have internet access

If you can't go online you can:

  • call the Electoral Services helpline 01594 812638

Do I list everyone who lives in the property?

You need to include the name and nationality of everyone aged 16 or over who is resident and eligible to register to vote. If there are no eligible residents, you should state why this is the case.

New electors

If you add any new people they will also need to complete a registration application. They can do this at We will send each person a form if they do not apply online.

How do I know who is eligible to vote?

Find out who is eligible to vote on the Electoral Commission website.

My son/daughter is living away at university, should I register them there or at home?

Your son/daughter can register at their home address as well as their university address, but must not vote more than once in the same election.

This means they can vote in local elections at both addresses as long as they are in different local government areas, but cannot vote at both addresses in a Parliamentary election.