Electoral boundary reviews

Electoral Review of Forest of Dean District Council

Final recommendation has been published.

The Independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) is carrying out a consultation on their final recommendation for the new ward boundaries. you can view the full final recommendation proposal by visiting:

The final recommendations proposes that 38 district councillors should be elected to the Forest of Dean District Council in future. The recommendations mean that those councillors should represent 5 three-councillor wards, 7 two-councillor wards and 9 one-councillor wards across the district.

The final recommendations and maps of the proposals can be viewed by visiting the commissions consultation portal

The Commission has now completed its review of Forest of Dean District Council. The changes proposed must now be implemented by order subject to Parliamentary scrutiny. A draft Order- the legal document which brings into force the recommendations - will be laid in parliament. The draft Order will provide for new electoral arrangements for Forest of Dean to be implemented at the local election in 2019.

The report and an interactive map of the final recommendations are available on the LGBCE consultation portal: LGBCE Website, alternatively you can view the final recommendations at Coleford Council Offices, High Street, Coleford.

New electoral arrangement for the Forest of Dean District Council are scheduled to come into effect at the council elections in 2019.

2018 Parliamentary Constituency Boundary Review

Currently Forest of Dean Constituency comprises the district of the Forest of Dean and the Highnam & Hawbridge ward of Tewkesbury borough. These are now being reviewed by The Boundary Commission as part of their 2018 review, which is taking place nationally.

The Boundary Commission is an independent and impartial public body, which reviews all Parliamentary constituency boundaries in the United Kingdom.

The current review, which must report to Parliament by September 2018, is being carried out under rules set by the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2011, and aims to reduce the overall amount of Members of Parliament, alongside ensuring the electorate for each constituency is relatively similar.


Initial proposals were published in September 2016. Detailed information about the proposals (including maps), and information about the public consultation were available on the Boundary Commission Consultation Website.

The boundary Commission then published all the representations from their consultation on these proposals.

The Boundary Commission has now launched the third stage of its public consultation by publishing its revised proposal based on public comments. You can now view theses and comment on them by visiting www.bce2018.org.uk. This latest round of consultation will continue for 8 weeks until Monday 11 December 2017.

Copies of maps and revised proposals are also available to view at the Council Offices High Street Coleford during normal opening hours.