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Coronavirus (COVID-19) For information on changes to our services, how to get help, support your community, advice and grants for employers and businesses visit our Coronavirus pages.

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Business recovery

We are working with retailers and small independent shops across the District to safely reopen and welcome people back into town and village centres. 

The government has produced updated guidance for all business who are thinking of re-opening on how you can work safely. Guidance on reopening is also available in the Better Business for All Covid-19 toolkit.

If your business will have challenges, for example, queuing on narrow pavements, or if you have any ideas for how we can support the reopening of our town centres email Regeneration@fdean.gov.uk.

We are ordering a selection of stickers to help guide people safely through business premises.  If you would like some email us Regeneration@fdean.gov.uk.

We have produced a checklist before you re-open your business to make sure that you are able to do so safely.

Hospitality pack

We have produced a number of signage posters for you to download and print to use in your business.

Working safely during Coronavirus

Read working safely during coronavirus on GOV.UK. This government guidance is to help employers, employees and the self-employed understand how to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic. There are eight guides, which cover a range of different types of businesses.

You will need to complete and display the government poster to show your compliance with Covid -19 measures. 

HSE have a poster you can display about how to wash your hands properly.

We have created a poster for you to download to show how many people are safely allowed in your business at once. We can also provide this poster in Bulgarian, Romanian and Polish.

Safer transport guidance

Read Coronavirus safer transport guidance for operators on GOV.UK. Government guidance to help organisations, agencies and others, such as self-employed transport providers, understand how to provide safer workplaces and services for themselves, their workers and passengers across all modes of private and public transport.

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