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Our route to carbon neutral

We declared a Climate Emergency in December 2018 and aim to make the District carbon neutral by 2030. The full declaration is available in the minutes of 6 December 2018 Full Council meeting.

The following documents give more details on the council's progress on becoming carbon neutral. Our Rapid Action Plan was adopted in February 2020:

We are in the process of producing a new, more comprehensive Climate Emergency Strategy and Action Plan, and carried out an online public consultation on a draft version in September 2021. The consultation has now ended and we expect to adopt and publish an updated version soon. The draft version can be downloaded below:

Gloucestershire County Council have also produced a Gloucestershire climate strategy.

Coleford Offices Heat Decarbonisation Plan

We have produced a plan for how we will decarbonise the heating system at our Coleford Offices. The plan describes how we intend to replace the fossil fuel reliant heating system at its Coleford offices with a renewable heat generation system along with measures to reduce heat energy demand. By producing this HDP, we hope to provide a clear example of how other organisations within the district such as schools and businesses can plan to decarbonise the heating system in their own buildings.

Our greenhouse gas emissions

We have produced reports of our emissions as a council. 

We have also produced a report on the Forest of Dean District’s carbon emissions between 2005 and 2019.

The Tyndall Centre have produced a report on Climate Change targets for the Forest of Dean. Met Office Hadley Centre scientists have developed a new interactive tool to show how climate change might change the weather in your area

Climate Change Risk Assessment

We have produced a report outlining the climate impacts for the Forest of Dean District using climate projections from the UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP). It describes how the climate may change between now and the end of the 21 st Century, how this will affect the Forest of Dean District, and how we will need to adapt. The report can be downloaded below.