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Deaths, funerals, cremations and cemeteries

Social distancing must be observed at all times. No social gatherings should take place.

Access to toilets and water sources will be unavailable at either site so visitors should bring water with them if required for flowers.

More information is available in theĀ Government regulations on funerals and cemeteries.

Yew Tree Brake Cemetery, (Speech House Road, Cinderford, GL14 3HU) is open to visitors (other than those attending a funeral) 9am to 8pm during summer (GMT+1), 9am to 5pm in winter (GMT) seven days a week.

Mile End Cemetery (Edge End Road, Mile End, Coleford, GL16 7DB) is open to visitors (other than those attending a funeral) 9am to 8pm during summer (GMT+1), 9am to 5pm in winter (GMT) seven days a week.

For information about other cemeteries in the area visit Gloucestershire County Council's website.

To contact the crematorium visit the Forest of Dean crematorium website.

Burial enquiries

For information about individual burials at our cemeteries:

Search the burials register

This will provide an extract from our burial register. You can also view the full burial register for our cemeteries at our offices in Coleford. Email: to make an appointment.

Buying a grave

You can buy two types of grave

  • New unused grave
  • Pre-used grave

When buying a grave you will get a grave deed and hold the exclusive rights of burial for 80 years and allows a headstone to be erected on it. The right permits burials which allow room for a maximum of double depth.

We maintain the grass and lawn sections of the cemetery. Owners are responsible for individual plots, headstones and memorials which should be kept safe, tidy and in proper repair.

Only masons that are registered with us are allowed to carry out works in our cemeteries.

Financial assistance following a death

You may be able to get financial assistance to help with the costs of a funeral. To see if you qualify and to apply visit GOV.UK funeral payments.

Veterans Bereavement Support is a charity that provides a specialist bereavement support network for both those who serve or have served in the armed forces and merchant navy and also their families when needed.

A bespoke service is available to families needing assistance with bereavement and support including advice on funeral arrangements. For further information visit the Veterans Funerals and Bereavement website.

Public Health Funerals

In certain circumstances the council is required to make arrangements for burials. These are commonly known as national assistance burials. The Public Health Act Funerals Procedures details the circumstances and procedures under which the council will make funeral arrangements.

For open data purposes we provide a list of assisted burials which have taken place locally:


Exhumation means the removal from the ground or a body or cremated human remains or the disturbance of buried human remains.

Only the Home Office and or Diocesan Registry can grant authority for an exhumation to take place. For advice on exhumations and to apply for a licence visit GOV.UK.

Home Burials

If you are considering the burial of a deceased person on private land, there are a number of matters that need to be considered prior to burial.

If you have any questions please email: