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Housing advice

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Harassment and illegal eviction

Unless landlords or their agents can show that they have good reason for doing these things, it’s an offence for them to:

  • disturb the peace and comfort of their tenants;
  • stop necessary services like water, gas and electricity, or lifts in a block of flats; or
  • act in a way that is likely to cause the tenants to leave their home or stop them from exercising their rights
  • lock you out of a room
  • leave you without a room that is normally shared with other people e.g. kitchen or living room
  • take away part of the home because of building works
  • try and evict without a court order

We try to prevent harassment and illegal eviction by:

  • resolving disputes between landlords and tenants
  • negotiating with your landlord to allow you to return to your home if you want to, or to stop the harassment
  • possibly taking legal action against the offender if there's proof that an offence has occurred.

Housing support

You can access Gloucestershire Community Based Support. They offer support to help you develop your skills to live independently. They can do this by helping you with budgeting, finding accommodation, accessing social support networks and education. You will need to fill in the referral form on their website.

Legal advice for those facing eviction or repossession

New free legal advice for people facing eviction or repossession:

Information about legal aid available for people facing the loss of their home: