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Dangerous structures

If a building is in a condition that it may put people in danger, we will investigate and make sure that it is made safe.

Dangers can include the following:

  • loose drainpipes or roof coverings because of poor maintenance
  • a building collapsing as a result of a fire, storm damage or a road traffic accident
  • unstable boundary walls

Report a dangerous structure

To report a building you think is dangerous you can report it online.

Report a dangerous structure

Or you can:

If you want to make a report out of working hours then call 0845 0568035.

When we get a report we will visit the site. Once we have established the level of danger we will either make sure the structure is made safe or have it demolished.

Responsibilities of the owner of a dangerous building or structure

The owner is responsible for all the costs involved in making the dangerous building or structure safe. We will try to contact them to remove the danger but if they are not available or unwilling then we will need to take action. We will write to the owner to confirm what has been done and what costs they need to pay.