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Planning application supporting information

Application forms for different consent types are available on the planning portal.

Change or approval of conditions added to a proposal

You may get planning permission but with conditions attached. You will either need to:

You must submit the required details before any development can start.

Outline planning permission

Outline planning permission gives agreement for how a site could be developed. The permission is given as long as an application for approval of certain conditions, called Reserved Matters, is submitted.

Consent for adverts

For some adverts you will need to get consent. Types of advertising which normally need planning permission include:

  • the majority of illuminated signs
  • advertisements using specialised structures for their display, such as poster hoardings and most non-highway authority roadside advance warning or directional signs  
  • signs positioned above 4.6 metres in relation to buildings above the level of the bottom part of first floor windows or on gable ends

Prior approval

You may need to let us know about work that does not need planning permission by applying for prior approval. You will not be able to start the work until we have agreed.

Prior approval is usually needed for work relating to:

  • larger Home Extensions
  • agricultural or Forestry developments
  • demolition of buildings
  • developments for electronic communications networks
  • some changes of use

Drainage guidance

Guidance on drainage requirements for domestic extensions and single storey dwellings. It has details of how to meet drainage building regulations when submitting your planning application.

Waste and recycling guidance for developers

In order for waste facilities to be successfully incorporated in any development they should be fully considered in the planning stages of that development.

Landscape and biodiversity 

We have produced some guidance to show best practice techniques in landscape management, tree and hedgerow planting. The guidance also tells you what you will need to submit with your planning application. 

Net Zero Carbon Toolkit, for new building and retrofit housing

A practical and easy-to-navigate guide on how to plan a Net Zero Carbon housing project. Net Zero Carbon Toolkit.