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Flood risk assessment

A Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) has been produced in accordance with Planning Policy Statement 25.

The SFRA assess and maps all forms of flood risk from groundwater, surface water, impounded water bodies, sewer, river and tidal sources to use as an evidence base to locate future development primarily in low flood risk areas. The outputs from the SFRA will also help us to prepare sustainable policies for the long-term management of flood risk.

Flood risk maps

Watercourse maps

Strategic flood risk maps showing flooding from all sources

Flood risk map showing flooding due to climate change

Geology maps

 Historic flooding

Flood warning


Lydney Level 2 flood risk report

This study refines and builds upon the work undertaken in the Level 1 SFRA, which included an assessment of flood risk from all sources.

There are numerous potential development sites in south-east Lydney and the Plummer’s Brook, a tributary of the River Lyd, flows in close proximity to these sites. 

This study includes detailed modelling of the Plummer’s Brook to provide flood hazard information for a range of return periods. In addition, the study determines of the suitability of the potential development sites surrounding Lydney which may be developed in the future.

Cinderford Level 2 flood risk report

The study refines and builds upon the work undertaken in the Level 1 SFRA, which included an assessment of flood risk from all sources.

The need to undertake a Level 2 SFRA for Cinderford is driven by the need to refine the existing flood Zone information through Cinderford, so that informed decisions can be made on the location and nature of future development. 

This study provides robust Flood Zones, as well as flood hazard information, for a range of return periods, in order to inform application of the Sequential and Exception Tests. Relevant policies for the management of flood risk and appropriate development of flood risk areas in Cinderford are then put forward.

Rapid Response Catchments

Following the Boscastle flooding in 2004 the Environment Agency modelled similar rainfall from that day, across the whole country.  As a result a number of areas have been identified that are at risk of a similar event occurring.  Two of these areas are in the Forest of Dean District;

  • Drybrook, Cinderford Brook and Ruspidge
  • Lydney

The Lydney Rapid Response Plan can be downloaded from the Lydney Town Council website.

The Cinderford Rapid Response Plan is available to download.