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Polling district, places and stations

For registering voters and managing elections Forest of Dean District Council is divided into polling districts. A polling place is designated for each polling district.

These have to be reviewed at least every five years but can be reviewed more frequently if required.

Review of Polling Districts, Places and Stations 2022

The review must be carried out to make sure that all electors have such reasonable facilities for voting as are practicable in the circumstances.

Interactive map of existing polling district and stations

Key dates

The review commences with the publication of a notice giving details of the review, including when and where comments or representations can be made, for ease we have set our key dates:

  • Formal review notice published - Monday 23 May 2022
  • Review period commences - Monday 23 May 2022
  • (Acting) Returning Officers’ comments published - Not later than Friday 27 May
  • Representations to be received by - Monday 4 July 2022
  • Report to Council - Thursday 21 July 2022
  • Revised arrangements come into force - Thursday 1 December 2022

Representations on the current arrangements of polling districts, places and stations are welcome, however, it should be borne in mind that each parish/parish ward must be a separate polling district.  

Making comment

Comments do not have to be restricted to alternative proposals, support for the current arrangements are also welcome.  When making representations it would be helpful to the Council for you to provide as much relevant information as you can about your current polling place including how conveniently it is located in relation to where you live, whether there is adequate parking, what access is like for disabled and/or wheelchair users and how suitable overall it is for voting.  Please also indicate whether there are any other suitable premises that could be used. 

Any representations, comments can be submitted via our feedback form:

Make a comment

Or by emailing

All representations must be made no later than 5pm Monday 4 July 2022 and any amendments to the Polling Districts and Polling Places will take effect from the next publication of the Register of Electors.

See our privacy notice for how the data will be handled.

What is a Polling District?

A polling district is a geographical area.  Each parish/parish ward must be a separate polling district.  A good starting point is to include the whole parish/parish ward as one polling district.  If this is too large in order to provide easy access the area can be split into smaller polling districts.

Forest of Dean is currently divided into 71 polling districts.

What is a polling place?

A polling place is the area or building in which a polling station is located and should be within the polling district unless it is not possible to find a suitable place.

What is a polling station?

A polling station is the actual room or building where polling takes place.  This information is available on the notice of poll and communicated to electors via their poll card.