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Budget consultation 2022 to 2023

Feedback to this consultation has now ended.

We are now consulting on our budget plans for the 2022/23 financial year and we want to hear your views. We are committed to being open and transparent about how we spend taxpayers’ money, and this is your opportunity to share your views and feed back to us how you feel about the proposed budget for next year.

We have seen cuts year-on-year to the funding we receive from the Government, and this year is no different. This coupled with rising inflation, has meant that our finances need to be carefully managed in order to continue delivering and improving the services we provide for the district.

What we deliver

Forest of Dean District Council receives only 10p in every £1 of your Council Tax to provide the services it is responsible for, including:

  • Waste and recycling collection
  • Leisure services
  • Parking and public toilets
  • Promoting economic growth and regeneration
  • Support for homeless people
  • Street cleaning
  • Street warden service
  • Housing and council tax support
  • Planning and building control 
  • Environmental health and licensing services
  • Election administration

Additional plans in our proposed budget for next year also include:

  • Creating new roles to support the Climate Change Action Plan enabling us to step up our actions in response to the declared Climate Emergency
  • Supporting the Levelling Up projects, including the regeneration of Five Acres into a centre for sporting excellence
  • Improve disabled facilities to enable independent living for those in need
  • Continue bringing in more affordable homes for residents in the district
  • Continue supporting our local economy as it recovers from the pandemic, and helping new businesses and social enterprises get up and running with our grant schemes

How we propose to pay for these plans

Making our services more efficient

Last year we were able to save over £569,000 through increased efficiency and sustainable investments, and are aiming to save £340,000 during the next financial year. These are detailed in the Savings Annex to the budget documents.

Reducing use of carbon-based power sources

We are estimating to save £50,000 in energy costs by the reduced use of Carbon sources of power across the Council’s estate including the main Council buildings, Leisure Centres and any investment or operational buildings that the Council owns. This work has started with a full decarbonisation plan and works on the main Council offices in Coleford.

Income from services we charge for

We receive a portion of our income from services such as green waste collection, car parking fees, planning and other service fees.  This makes up a small percentage of the Council's overall income.

Increasing Council Tax by 10p a week

With Government funding decreasing again this year, we are therefore proposing an increase of 10p a week in Council Tax for Band D properties (equates to £5 per annum).

Residents on low incomes can receive assistance with payments through our Council Tax Support Scheme.  There are also Hardship Funds available to residents who are unable to pay Council Tax.

Have your say

The consultation was open until 28 January 2022 and we asked residents to give views on our plans. 

Supporting documents