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Clinical and medical waste

You will need to use a special sharps box for getting rid of any needles. These can be provided by your GP or you can buy them from a pharmacy.

Do not put any clinical waste or needles in your general waste bin as they are a health risk and need to be disposed of safely.

The full boxes must be sealed and taken to participating pharmacies or returned to your GP.

A full list of pharmacies in Gloucestershire where you can return full sharps boxes is available on the Gloucestershire Recycles website.

Non-infectious waste can be double bagged and put in your general waste bin.

If you need a clinical waste collection this will need to be requested by you or another healthcare professional. You can fill in the online form or call us on 01594 810000 to request a clinical waste collection.

People who have waste such as peritoneal dialysis waste, incontinence pads, stoma bags and nappies can dispose of them in the general waste bin. It should be double bagged.