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Report a missed bin

Bin collections for black bins/recycling/garden waste for Forest of Dean district have been suspended on 25/1/21 due to dangerous road conditions. If you were due a refuse collection on 25/1/21 please leave your bin out and we will collect it tomorrow as conditions improve. 

If you  were due a recycling collection or garden waste collection today please take your containers in and present them on your next scheduled collection.

We expect collections for refuse and recycling to continue as normal from tomorrow (26/1/21).  Garden waste will be suspended on 26 January to help with today’s missed refuse collection.

If your general waste bin or recycling has not been collected you can report it as missed after 3pm on collection day. You need to let us know no later than 3pm the following day of the missed collection in order for us to return.

Before reporting a missed bin please make sure that:

  • you had put the bin out by 7:30am
  • there was no extra waste by the side of the bin
  • any recycling was in the correct bin or box
  • your garden waste bin had a valid licence
  • bin lids were closed
Report a missed bin

Please leave your bin out and we will aim to return and collect it.