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Dementia awareness

Dementia awareness sessions

We can provide free, informal Dementia Awareness sessions to individuals, community groups, schools and organisations. This training helps you to better understand the condition and how you might better communicate with those living with dementia.

The sessions are online, please email to find out more. Include your name, telephone number and where in Gloucestershire you live. We will send you joining instructions when you email us to book.

The 'Let's Talk Dementia' board game was developed with other members of the Forest of Dean Dementia Action Alliance. 

Forest of Dean Dementia Action Alliance

The Forest of Dean District Council is a member of the Forest of Dean Dementia Action Alliance which is a partnership of organisations and individuals who are working to:

  • make sure that everyone in the district living with dementia is respected and can continue to enjoy living their lives in their own community as well as possible for as long as possible
  • support the wider community to understand dementia and inspire and enable people to do things which contribute to a dementia friendly community, which are generally more welcoming communities
  • develop a network of local community champions who will support each other and the wider community

Join the Forest of Dean District Dementia Action Alliance

We welcome support from across the community. If you are interested please contact us by emailing

To support and enable dementia friendly communities across the district the Alliance is working over the following five areas:

Area Activity
People Giving people information and raising awareness of dementia. Inspiring and enabling people to 'turn their understanding into action'
People with Dementia Involve people living with dementia and their families as much as possible, in a way that is important to them
Place Working proactively to make community buildings and places more accessible
Networks Enabling people forums where people can come together to network, share best practice and be supported
Resources Create and share resources

Dementia Action Alliance Newsletters

These used to be monthly but during covid-19 we have moved to weekly to help people stay connected.  and to cascade information which people can share which might help someone through this time.   If you would like to receive this newsletter please email:

Domestic abuse and dementia

Understanding domestic abuse in the context of dementia can be complex. It is important to understand the history and personality of the person with dementia. Alzheimer's UK recommend filling in a 'this is me' form.

Someone who has been a victim of domestic abuse and then develops dementia may find it much harder to come forward. Their experience of abuse and isolation may be increased. Dementia may also cause a victim to re-live trauma experienced by previous abuse.

Someone who had been abusive to their partner who then develops dementia may cause significant risk to the victim. They may try and exert their power and control over their partner or family member, and become more unpredictable. In these circumstances, please speak to adult social care and Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service.

If you would like leaflets to share with your organisation contact us by emailing

View the following leaflet for further information and support for dementia and domestic abuse.

Become a community dementia link

You may want to help develop dementia friendly communities if you:

  • are interested in getting to know more about dementia
  • are passionate about dementia
  • feel that you have the skills, knowledge and life experiences which you could use to support others in some way - big or small

The Forest of Dean Dementia Action Alliance provides free training, support and resources to community dementia link people. Please contact us to find out more. 

Dementia accessible places and spaces

We have been told by people living with dementia that making buildings more accessible to them would help so the Alliance has developed an interactive checklist so people can assess the accessibility of their community buildings and spaces. For more details please: 

Give someone a twiddlemuff

Twiddlemuffs are knitted handmuffs that provide stimulation while promoting increased flexibility and brain stimulation. They provide comfort and reassurance for people with dementia. If you would like to give a twiddlemuff to someone please contact us.

Contact the Community Engagement Team

You can contact us to arrange a dementia awareness session, get involved in the Forest of Dean Dementia Action Alliance, find out more about our survey or become a community dementia link person.