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Dogs lost and found

Report or claim a lost or stray dog

To report or claim a lost or stray dog:

  • call 01594 810000 9am to 4.45pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 4.30pm on Friday
  • email

If you pick up a stray dog, we will collect it and take it to our council-appointed kennels. The owner will then have seven days to claim the dog. We will attempt to release a dog to the owner if a dog is microchipped and/or ownership can be proven.

Out of office hours

Kennels are open until 8pm Monday to Thursday and 6pm Friday to Sunday. Contact:

  • Sling kennels on 01594 832536 or 07876 641854
  • Littledean kennels on 01594 822296 

Pick-up and release fees

If a dog is microchipped with up-to-date contact details we will get in touch with the owner to confirm we have their dog.

By law, we charge owners a fee of £25 for any dog picked up and released to them by a warden.

Kennelling charges for stray dogs

You will need to pay £40 plus an additional £10 per day as long as the dog is in Kennels.

Chipping dogs who do not have a chip is £15. You will also need to pay for any vets fees.

You must provide a description, personal identification and pay all outstanding costs. After seven days, if the dog has not been reunited with its owner it will be offered for adoption and found a suitable new home.

Microchipping and responsible dog ownership

It is a legal requirement that your dog is microchipped. Microchipping helps us reunite you with your pet quickly. If you would like one of our Street Wardens to micro-chip your dog: 

  • at your home for £15 per dog
  • at the council offices in Coleford for £10 per dog

If you are thinking about owning a dog, or if you already have one:

  • make sure that your dog is trained in basic obedience. Look for a local training class
  • worm your dog about every four months, puppies more frequently. Ask your vet for advice
  • clean up after your dog - bag it and bin it!
  • make sure your dog has a collar and tag with your address details. This is a legal requirement and without it, you could be fined. Your telephone number and postcode are optional, but useful.

Download our dog owner's guide:

Dangerous dogs

Dangerous dog incidents are dealt with by Gloucestershire Constabulary. To report an incident call the 101 non-emergency number