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Apply for housing

All social housing in Gloucestershire is let through Homeseeker Plus.  

To find and apply for housing you will need to:

  • register with Homeseeker Plus,
  • be allocated to a band which sets the size of property you are eligible for
  • view weekly adverts of homes available across the partnership area
  • express an interest or bid for up to three properties that you are for eligible for per week

Households only need to apply once and will have access to a larger range of affordable housing.

Properties are listed on Wednesdays from midday. You can bid for a property anytime up until midnight on the following Tuesday.

Register for Homeseeker Plus

It takes about 30 minutes to register and your registration form will be acknowledged within 10 working days.

Registering for this scheme does not guarantee that you will be offered housing.

Register on Homeseeker Plus

Bidding and selection criteria

There is no money involved in bidding. You are just expressing an interest in a property.

You can only bid for properties where you match what the advert asks for. For example, if a minimum age is given and you are below this age you will not be able to bid.

After bidding closes the shortlist will be reviewed and the property will be allocated to someone. This will be based on:

  • their eligibility for the property
  • their band
  • how long they have been waiting for a property

 The housing allocations policy is also on the Homeseeker plus website.

If your bid is successful the housing association will contact you to discuss the property and arrange when you can go and view it. You can decide to accept or refuse the offer when you view the property.

If you continually refuse properties then your application may be reviewed.

We will not contact you if your bid is unsuccessful.

You will be able to view the outcome of any bids you make on the Homeseekers Plus website.

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