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Housing Strategy 2020-2024

The Housing Strategy sets out our vision and plans for housing in the Forest of Dean for the period 2020-2024.

At the heart of our vision is the recognition that access to good quality housing is the foundation upon which people can build happy and successful lives and is essential to allow communities to thrive. This strategy has a key role in helping to deliver the ambition that everyone should have access to an affordable, safe and well maintained home.

The Housing Strategy 2020-2024 aims to support the Council’s aspirations to meet its’ housing challenges by focusing on delivering 3 key objectives:

  • Housing Priority 1: Delivering Homes to meet the housing needs of our communities
  • Housing Priority 2: Meeting the need of older people
  • Housing Priority 3: Providing sustainable homes and places to live

Whilst the strategy will be flexible and adaptable it will remain focused on the 3 key themes, but will be regularly reviewed to enable us to respond to a continually changing environment.

The housing strategy is also accompanied by an action plan which will set out how the key priorities will be delivered.