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Get advice on your planning application

Once you know that you need planning permission, we can check if your plans are likely to be approved before you make the formal application, which could save you time and money.

The benefits of obtaining pre-application advice include:

  • an early indication if your plans might get approved
  • a site visit, if required, by a case officer and advice followed up in writing
  • time and money saved by submitting an unacceptable or incorrect planning application
  • early identification of any issues that need to be addressed before submitting a formal planning application, including the need for specialist input relating to conservation or highways
  • specialist guidance relating to landscaping, visual impact, ecology, trees, conservation and listed buildings
  • our prior knowledge of your plans when we come to review your final application
  • all the information back to you within 28 days

See full list of fees and charges below.

Request pre-application advice

Or email your request to

Once you have completed the form we will email you details of how to pay. 

Charges for pre-application advice

The full costs, details of additional charges and explanations of different types of development are available to download:

Freedom of information statement

We may get Freedom of Information or Environmental Information Regulations requests about pre-application advice that we have provided.

Under Environmental Information Regulations Section 12 (5) (f) pre-application advice will not be provided in response to requests unless explicit consent has been provided to enable disclosure.

Explicit consent means that the pre-application applicant must have actively consented to the future disclosure of the information provided.

In using this exemption the Local Authority will be required to carry out a Public Interest Test and, in some circumstances, the lack of explicit consent may be over ridden if the Public Interest Test shows that the Public Interest in disclosing the pre-application advice outweighs the interests in withholding it.

In cases where the Public Interest Test leads to full or partial disclosure personal data will still be protected by the Data Protection Act

Information Commissioner’s Officer guidance on EIR Section 12 (5) (f) can be found at