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Planning policy monitoring and decision making

Local Development Scheme

We are in the preliminary stages of developing a new Local Plan. This planning process is referred to as “Plan 41” which will eventually provide a new Local Plan for the Forest of Dean district, replacing the current Local Development Framework.

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) is our timetable for preparing the new Local Plan and other Local Plan documents.

This planning process has already begun and is expected to run until 2023, when a new Local Plan is scheduled to be adopted, which will guide and control development in the district up to the year 2041.

The process will involve extensive evidence gathering as well as several opportunities for community and stakeholder consultation.

Issues and Options

This phase took place in Summer and Autumn 2019 and consisted of:

  • a formal consultation
  • options assessment for the Sustainability appraisal
  • Consideration of alternatives for the Habitat Regulations Assessment

Draft Plan

This phase will take place over Autumn and Winter 2020 to 2021 and consists of a formal consultation on the Draft Plan.

Publication Draft

This phase will take place in Summer 2021 and consist of:

  • a formal consultation
  • a Sustainability appraisal
  • a draft Habitat Regulations Assessment

Submission Draft

This phase will take place in Autumn and Winter 2021 and consist of a:

  • review of the Sustainability appraisal
  • review of the Habitat Regulations Assessment

Statement of Community Involvement

The Statement of Community Involvement sets out how we will involve the community in preparing and revising all local planning documents and in making decisions on planning applications and other related applications. It is currently being reviewed.

Brownfield land register

Brownfield land is defined by government in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) glossary as “Previously developed land”. The register contains all of the information required by government legislation, but if you wish to discuss any of the sites in more detail email ldf@fdean.gov.uk.

The data is provided under the Open Government Licence.

Housing delivery and trajectory