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Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is often a perception-based issue that can occur over time rather than in a single incident. Anti-social behaviour covers many things including:

  • Graffiti and vandalism
  • Fly-tipping
  • Littering and dog fouling
  • Threatening and intimidating behaviour
  • Excessive noise

We define anti-social behaviour as behaviour by an individual or group that:

  • Results or is likely to result in another party feeling personally threatened
  • Creates a public nuisance
  • Has a detrimental impact upon the environment
  • Has a detrimental effect upon the quality of life of an individual or the community as a whole

Our Street Warden Team work to reduce the fear of crime, deter anti-social behaviour and improve the physical appearance of the local environment. If you have any concerns or would like to talk to somebody about anti-social behaviour in your community:

Dealing with anti-social behaviour

If the situation is an emergency (if someone’s life or health is threatened) call 999.

If anti-social behaviour is a problem in your area, there’s a lot you can do to help put a stop to it. You can:

  • Talk to your neighbours to find out if they’re affected as well
  • If you feel comfortable doing so, talk to the person causing the problem; they may not realise how it is affecting you
  • Call Gloucestershire Constabulary’s non-emergency number, 101 and ask to speak to your local neighbourhood policing team or attend one of their regular meetings
  • Contact the council (noise, fly-tipping)
  • Tell your landlord or residents’ association about the situation

Report anti social behaviour

All complaints are treated as confidential so you don’t have to worry about your identity being revealed. Call us on 01594 810000 or report it online:

Report dog fouling Report graffiti Report a fly-tip Report fly-posting Report a litter bin overflowing Report a street cleaning or litter problem

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) case review

The ASB Case Review is for you if you feel that no one else has dealt satisfactorily with the anti-social behaviour problems you have experienced. If you have already reported the problem to the council, police or housing provider, the ASB Case Review is a way for you to ask the agencies to review your case. For further information: 

To find out what an ASB case review is:

Safer neighbourhoods

Community Alerts

Your Community Alerts is Gloucestershire Constabulary's new, free messaging system that enables residents, businesses and community groups to participate in a two-way exchange of information about what is happening throughout the county. You can receive up-to-date messaging about incidents that may affect you.

For example, you can help tackle crime by registering for witness appeals or keep ahead of those traffic jams by registering for road closure alerts. The aim is to send relevant information which is chosen by you and together we can make a greater impact on the prevention and detection of crime and anti-social behaviour in our communities.

The service is entirely free and you can receive the messages in a way that suits you. You may subscribe to alerts via text, an alert through the mobile app or a voicemail. For more information and to sign up please:

Alcohol Exclusion Zones

We have four alcohol exclusion zones in the Forest of Dean district. These are in:

  • Cinderford
  • Coleford
  • Lydney
  • Newent

These zones give a police officer or PCSO the ability to direct people not to consume alcohol and/or to confiscate it. It then makes it an offence for anyone to fail to comply with these directions. In October 2017 alcohol exclusion zones became Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs).