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Report fly-tipping

When reporting a fly-tip the following information will help:

  • the exact location 
  • the type of waste and approximately how much there is
  • if you have any information about who has dumped the rubbish, such as name of person, address or vehicle involved
  • photographs of the fly-tip are very useful, but don’t take risks or trespass in order to get these
  • your details in case we need further information
Report fly tipping

If you find illegally dumped waste:

  • do not disturb the site in case there is evidence that could lead to catching and prosecuting those responsible
  • do not touch the waste because it may include toxic chemicals, asbestos or broken glass
  • do not do anything that could put yourself in danger

After you report fly-tipping

If the rubbish is on land under our control , it will be cleared and may be investigated if evidence is found. Priority will be given to hazardous waste. Other reports of fly-tipping will be cleared as soon as possible.

If the report is on un-adopted or private land it is the landowners responsibility to clear it. We may investigate if evidence is found. 

How you can prevent fly-tipping

If your waste is fly-tipped, by you or by someone else on your behalf, you could face a £400 fixed penalty notice. This can be increased to an unlimited fine if convicted in Crown Court.

The following all counts as fly-tipping, leaving items:

  • beside street bins and recycling banks
  • on the floor of communal bin areas
  • outside closed recycling centres and charity shops

Your waste is your responsibility.

Always use a registered waste carrier to collect your rubbish. You can find a registered waste carrier in your area on the Environment Agency's website.

What else you can do with your household waste

Use our bulky waste collection service

If you need to get rid of large items directly from your house use our bulky waste collection service

Use your kerbside bin collection

Visit our Bins and recycling section to find out about your bin collections and what you can put in your bins.

Use neighbourhood recycling banks or household waste recycling centres

Find out when your nearest recycling centre is open, what you can take there and how to get a permit to bring a van or trailer.