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Statement from the Chair of Forest of Dean District Council following the death of HRH Prince Philip - Read more here

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Report a change in circumstances

It is important to let us know of any changes that could affect the amount of Council Tax you have to pay. Examples of changes you need to let us know aboutĀ are:

  • someone moves into the property
  • someone moves out of the property
  • a household member changes their name, for example, after marriage
  • a household member becomes 18 years old
  • you think you are entitled to a discount or exemption
  • you think you are no longer entitled to a discount or exemption
  • you change address
  • any other changes you think we should know about.

Moving house

Let us know if you are going to be moving.

Change of bank account details for direct debit

If you need to change the bank account details for your direct debit complete the form or call 01594 812532.

Update your bank detail or payment method online

What to do after a death

You can use theĀ tell us once service to report a death. This will let most government organisations know and you will only have to report it once.