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Report a change in benefit circumstances

Any benefits that are given are calculated using the information on your initial application form. If any of this information changes while you are still receiving benefit you must let us know within a month of the change, so we can recalculate your entitlement.

Please let us know if there are any changes to your situation including the following:

  • change in your income or the income of someone living with you
  • change in your tax credits
  • a new baby in the family
  • a new partner moves in
  • an increase in your rent
  • you move house
  • your savings increase

Report a change in your situation

To report a change in your situation please complete and return the form:

 If you are not sure if you need to report a change, use our online form or call us on 01594 812531 to ask us for advice.

If you report a change within a month of it happening any increases in benefit will be paid from the Monday after the change.

You can let us know of particular changes by completing the relevant form below, otherwise use the general report a change in circumstances form.

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If you don't report a change

If you don't report a change and it reduces the amount of benefits given there will be an overpayment on your application and it will be paid by:

  • Normally we will take the overpayment from your ongoing award of benefit
  • If this isn't possible a payment plan may be agreed with our recovery team. If you fail to pay you could be summonsed to appear in court

If you knowingly fail to report a change

If it's proved that you knowingly didn't report the change, your application could be investigated for benefit fraud.